AmFab offers beautiful ways to optimize the daily interaction among patients, families and caregivers.

For Patients

Our communication boards keep patients informed and up to date by displaying goals, treatment plans, names, even the time of day. The upscale furniture aesthetic and fine woodgrain finish options help create a reassuring, home-like environment.

For Family

It’s easy to move, position and adjust our overbed tables. They fit under beds and stretchers, even around most recliners. When family members can help make their relatives comfortable, it heightens their confidence in the quality of care.

For Caregivers

Nurses helped design our communication boards. They wanted a convenient, organized communication point that helps everyone involved in the treatment plan, especially during and after shift changes. The enhanced communication improves care.

Welcome to AmFab

For over 30 years we’ve been a leading manufacturer of high quality healthcare products covering three main markets: Acute Care, Long Term Care, and Home Care. Our high quality products are designed to make both the patient’s and caregiver’s lives better and include: tables, rails, vanities, lap trays, cabinets, and grab bars. This combination with our ability to customize every aspect of these products makes AmFab the best choice for your next product need.

Customize Your Communication Board
Customize Your Overbed